A Duo of Shawls

I really love the look of shawls, even though I don’t think I can carry one off. I did make myself a wee one to wear point forward as a scarf, and also made a lovely one out of silvery grey silk that I’ve worn a couple of times when we’ve been somewhere fancy. But, I’m just not an everyday shawl-wearing kinda gal.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like to make them. 😀

First up, Topless Jazz Singer, a pattern by Kyla Hurst and named for her father. The yarn is the fabulous Wolle’s Colour Changing Cotton in colourway Redish. (I openly lust after one of her large skeins of rainbow yarn.)  This was a fun and quick knit, and it was originally intended as a gift. Unfortunately, it turned out much smaller than I expected, so it has been banished to the the knitwear chest.

Topless Jazz Singer

The bind-off is particularly nice, since it uses a little black bead every few stitches. Those beads help to add a nice weight to the bottom of the shawl. I really like it.

Next: Dorothy’s Tail Neckerchief by May Cheang. This one is crocheted from Classic Elite Cotton Bam Boo in colourway Wild Lavender. It was quick and simple, but very effective. I love it with a deep passion.

Dorothy's Tail Neckerchief

I’ve got two more shawls on the go, both of which have been languishing for a while. Sadly, they will continue to do so since I’m casting on another shawl soon as part of a knit along (KAL). I’m looking forward to having a fabulous deep purple shawl to wrap myself in, even if it doesn’t suit me. 😛

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1 Responses to A Duo of Shawls

  1. Dani says:

    Wow that first shawl is amazing and how the yarn colours play out!!!