Have a Ball!

Now that school has started, I’ve started to think about the coming winter. (Gosh, it is going to be difficult if we can’t get the little man over his car sickness!) And, that means Christmas and Christmas ornaments.

Have a Ball! by CherryWood Design Studios

This is Have a Ball! by CherryWood Design Studios, a limited edition kit from earlier this year. I stitched mine on what I believe is Confederate Grey Belfast using the called for Week’s Dye Works and Gentle Arts Sampler threads. I stitched it more or less as per the chart–it is suggested to do the scarf as Smyrna stitches, which I did for the orange, but I substituted Scotch Stitch for the blue.

Have a Ball! finishing extras

The kit comes with some lovely printed ribbon, the button for the nose, and some felted snowballs for finishing. Hopefully I will actually finish it up into an ornament before this Christmas, unlike all those ornaments I stitched last year. :/

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