Dragon Boats

And by that I mean the kind you hang on the Christmas tree, not the kind that go in the water.

My first dragon boat (the top/front).

Pretty, isn’t it? It is from a class I took with Carolyn Mitchell at the Creativ Festival earlier this month. It is really very simple, just a bit time consuming. And, goodness, does it ever use up a lot of thread!

The back side. Please ignore the off centre pins…

If you’d like to make some of your own, all you need is some thin cardboard (like from a cereal box or the type you slip into comic book bags), glue, glass head pins, and lots of thread. Check out some very good directions here or here.

I really enjoyed making it, and I’m planning on making a few more before the holiday season arrives. (It is less than 56 days until Christmas! Can you believe it?)

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3 Responses to Dragon Boats

  1. Giovanna says:

    Ooooh, pretty – and lovely colours too.

  2. Jessica says:

    Such a great idea to make Christmas decorations out of blue — beautiful and a little unusual.

  3. Oh that is awesome!! I’ve never seen one of these before! Thanks so much for the link. Now I have something to do with that rayon ribbon someone gave me….