Very Scary is Very Done

On Saturday I put the final stitches into Lizzie*Kate’s Very Scary, the mystery sampler from this summer.

Very Scary by Lizzie*Kate

I purchased the kit, so the fabric and threads are as per the chart. However, I did make some changes. The most obvious is the omission of the cat wearing the pumpkin mask. It didn’t appeal to me at all. Instead I’ve substituted a tombstone button from Just Another Button Company, and I like the way it looks a lot better.

A tombstone button. (I’ll sew it on once I iron the piece.)

The other change was very minor; I stitched the moon in Honeysuckle so that it looks more yellow than green, as it is originally charted.

Yellow-ish moon.

I am working on one of the bonus ornaments right now, but I’m not really in a rush to finish it. Honestly, the bonus ornaments aren’t too my tastes particularly, so I may not bother to stitch them all. The small pieces of fabric meant for them will work just as well for other ornaments. 😉

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