Southern Belle Pillowcase

I’m not going to have much access to my blog for the next two weeks, but I didn’t want it to sit idle. So, I will be sharing some of the wonderful needlework I’ve collected over the last little while.

Southern Belle

This first piece was embroidered either by my grandmother or great-grandmother (the latter is most likely). You might recognize it as the edge of a pillow. My aunt decided to rescue several pillows that were deteriorating and turn them into something we could display.

I have no idea what materials she used. It looks like standard cotton floss, and since the colours have lasted quite well it must be something like DMC. The base fabric is a cotton pillowcase of some kind, and looks to be in good shape. My aunt stretched it on an embroidery hoop and added the trim.

Does anyone happen to know what this style of pattern is called? The first thing that popped into my mind was Sunbonnet Sue, but that is the little girl with the giant hat.

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