Our Little Tree

I’ve been a bit slow in getting the Christmas decorations up. Before we left for our vacation at the end of November I did make sure to have all my Christmas cards written and about 90% of my Christmas shopping done. But, I felt that the middle of November was far too early to put up the Christmas tree.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas! But I love it because it is such a short, sweet time. If Christmas lasted two months or more, I think it wouldn’t feel as special. That is why I hate it when Christmas decorations show up in shops in September and when stores start playing Christmas music right after Halloween. The holidays are special because they are so fleeting. Just think how boring your birthday would be if you celebrated it for a whole month, or if New Year’s celebrations went on for a week!

Anyway, a week late but still before Christmas, the tree is finally up.

Little man and a Christmas tree.

The little man helped me out this year (and took breaks to play Minecraft). The tree looks a bit different every year, given that I have (without exaggeration) enough ornaments for at least three trees. Last year I used all of our Hallmark ornaments, my little Hello Kitty ornaments, and even some from Cars. This year, I dug out the Victorian-esque paper ornaments that I haven’t used in many years. And I was even brave enough to put on my favourite glass ornaments.

Our tree also has lots and lots on cross stitched ornaments, some stitched by me and some by stitchy friends. Here are a few of my favourites.

3D Castle Ornament from Dragon Dreams. Stitched by me in 2009.

A lovely green Santa that I received in an ornament exchange way back in 199 from “RS”. (Does anyone know who RS is?) And a burnt out bulb…

A snowman stitched by Erica of Erica’s Places.

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to seeing your Christmas trees on your blog, too.


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2 Responses to Our Little Tree

  1. Anny P says:

    When my mum was small, her parents would bring in the tree after she went to bed on Christmas Eve and she would wake up to see it on Christmas morning. When we were small, the tree came in about a week before Christmas and I’m kind of used to that – it keeps things exciting without getting tired. So a few more days to wait here… (I might put some decorations around the house though, I’m getting quite excited).

  2. Caitlin says:

    I love your Christmas ornaments very pretty to have them on display.