TUSAL – November

Goodness me, late again. No surprise there, right? Actually, this post was supposed to go live over two weeks ago, but I forgot to schedule it before I left for vacation. What, you didn’t know I was away? Well, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

More bits and pieces, and even some painters’ tape.

So, lots of bits again this month. Some from the Creativ Festival, some from the knitting projects I’ve been working on.

Speaking of knitting projects, here is my latest finish: Minor Minion by Heather Sebastian of Joey’s House. The yarn is Berroco Comfort Sock for the body and Mary Maxim Soft Stripes for the hat. He lives in the little man’s backpack, and replaces another minor minion that went missing the middle of November. :/

A very minor minion for a little guy.


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1 Responses to TUSAL – November

  1. Rachel says:

    That is ADORABLE! What a wonderful thing to keep in a backpack!

    (We have the same birthday!:))