Last Starts and Finishes

Well, we all made it to 2013. Yay! But I didn’t sit on my hands during the last few days of 2012. I may be up to over a month and a half of having one cold after another, but I’m still working hard on getting projects done.

Tea Time, from Gitta's

Tea Time, from Gitta’s

I finally put the last background stitches into Tea Time, a small design from Kathrin Ellison of Gitta’s. It was my first real taste of needlepoint in many, many years. And, I hate to admit it, but I don’t think needlepoint is for me. Filling in the background was just too boring. Anyway, the fibres are DMC for the tea cup and lettering and Anchor for the background.

Two Silk Scarf from Sweater Kits

Two Silk Scarf from Sweater Kits

I also finished up my Two Silk Scarf from Sweater kits. It is a very simple garter stitch triangle, knit with two alternating rows of their Silk Jewel and Silky Mulberry yarn. I love the way the beads in the Silk Jewel yarn twinkle, and look a bit like drops of water sitting on the scarf. It is very pretty, and long enough to wrap around my neck at least twice. I think it will keep me quite warm.

Friends Stitching Together (WIP)

Friends Stitching Together (WIP)

I’m taking part in WIPacolpyse again, and so I needed to start a couple of projects in 2012 so they would count for this year. ;)The first (above) is a collaboration piece from a getaway my LNS held a couple of years ago. (I didn’t attend, but I did manage to snag the design.) It features cross stitched designs by Jeanette Douglas, Laura Dickson (Enchanting Lair) and Kathrin Ellison of Gitta’s. The bottom tassel was designed by Brenda Franklin (who also designs lovely cross stitch patterns, too).

Santa's Journey Stocking (WIP)

Santa’s Journey Stocking (WIP)

The second start is another Christmas stocking, which may end up being for me. It is a Dimension’s kit, and I’ve decided to use the adia that comes with it. I hope I don’t regret that a few months down the road. :/

Along with my ornaments from the Ornament SAL and one or two other smaller pieces, these are the pieces I’d really, really like to complete this year. Wish me luck!

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1 Responses to Last Starts and Finishes

  1. Sonya says:

    I have just started that same stocking (for my husband). I’ve started at the top, but have only done a few rows so far. I’m aiming to finish it for next Christmas.

    I hope we both get done in time!