Salto Socks

Finally, another pair of socks for me!

Salto Socks from Bowerbird Knits

Salto Socks from Bowerbird Knits

These are the Salto Socks I started back in my vacation in November. I finally finished them up last Thursday. Wow, that took a long time! They are a little longer than I normally knit, going halfway up my leg (I’m short, so they really aren’t super long). The yarn is Blue Mountain Fiber Arts Sock Candy in colourway Dusty Blue. Complete details are available on my Ravelry project page.

To be honest with you, I made a few mistakes with these socks. The increases on the back of the first sock were done wrong and left tiny holes. (I was in the middle of the Caribbean Sea! I didn’t want to waste my precious Internet minutes looking up how to do an increase I thought I knew how to do.) And the second sock is actually a bit taller than the first since I did one extra cable twist on the leg. Oops! Thankfully the foot (which is what you see when wearing socks with pants, as I am wont to do) is perfect for both socks. I even followed the advice of the pattern and reversed the cables for the second sock.

Salto Cables

Salto Cables

And can you believe that I haven’t cast on another pair of socks yet? I’ve started another project, which I will share tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Salto Socks

  1. Sue says:

    Love you socks !!! and the color!! I have a pair of the needles now. need to finish them.

  2. Dani says:

    Those are GREAT socks!

  3. Caitlin says:

    wonderful socks. I will need to make some socks one day…

  4. Gorgeous socks! I see no mistakes, just cozy lovely socks. =)