Yarn Everywhere!

Sometimes you have to make a mess to get organized. (This post is for you, Anna of Stitch Bitch!)

Too much yarn!

Too much yarn!

This is about half of my stash of yarn. On Sunday evening I dug out yarn from literally everywhere in the house and spread is across the living room. And then I viciously purged it. Okay, I really didn’t get rid of all that much. Mainly, it was balls of acrylic that I didn’t need that ended up in the Goodwill bag. They will actually find a good home at a nearby old folks home.

See that first bin in the front, that is one of two drawers that size that I have for sock yarn. I also have another bin with 12 more skeins matched to patterns. I have a problem.

And, yet, somehow after all of this, I didn’t find the two balls of yarn I was looking for. 🙁

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