Holly Berries

So *cough* I’m still stitching. The arm, well, its okay. I’m supposed to rest it until the 27th. Yeah…

Holly Berries Ornament, designed by Carolyn Mitchell

Holly Berries Ornament, designed by Carolyn Mitchell

This is Holly Berry Ornament by Carolyn Mitchell. It is a small design that uses the same stitches as a larger design, Holly Berry Trivet, that was published in the Festive 2011 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread. The fibres are DMC perle cotton #5 and 1/16th ribbon from Kreinik. It is stitched on #18 mono canvas.

Holly Berries close-up

Holly Berries close-up

It was a fun and quick design to do. Although I will admit that I don’t care for the navy blue smyrna crosses around the holly. I think they are a bit too bulky. I might substitute them for something else when I do the larger piece.

And it is pretty obvious that I haven’t finish finished this yet. I need to do the “lacy binding stitch” all the way around, and add a hanger and tassel. That I will tackle when I’m back to my “normal” self. 😉

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4 Responses to Holly Berries

  1. Lisa Bergin says:

    It looks lovely. I have never tried canvas work.

  2. Giovanna says:

    Very pretty! Maybe you could use a thinner thread for the Smyrnas, if you want them to be less bulky?

  3. Linda Scott says:

    Great ornament. It’s really pretty.


  4. Very pretty. I think I have that kit, will have to pull it out!