Happy Easter (Blog Hop!)

Happy Easter weekend!

Easter Ribbons, from CherryWood Design Studios

Easter Ribbons, from CherryWood Design Studios

Those of you who have popped by for Jo’s blog hop, here is your letter:


Your next stop is Vicki’s blog, A Stitcher’s Story.

Before you go, why not leave a comment and say “Hi!” I’d love visit your blog, but I can’t if I don’t know you were here.

Giveaway News!

Please visit me again next week, too!  From April 1st through to April 5th, I will be hosting a giveaway of something fabulous from Christie Zimmer of Grace is Overrated and Adventures in Guided Journaling. Check out her free guided journaling pages for an idea of what is in store, and check back on Monday for the start of the giveaway!

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