Ornament SAL – April Check In

Happy April Check In Day! It has been a wild month, but I’ve hope you have found some time to stitch up your ornament.


This month I stitched Dragon Dream’s Snowflake of Hope, from the 2011 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. The chart didn’t include the cutting lines, so I did the best I could by looking at the picture. It isn’t exactly the same, but I do think it turned out nicely. It is stitched with the called for fibres on white and parchment perforated paper. (I had the blue paper for the earths, but misplaced it when it came time to stitch. And guess what I found today…)

Snowflake of Hope, designed by Dragon Dreams

Snowflake of Hope, designed by Dragon Dreams

In a lovely little bit of serendipity, I had the little earth from the pattern stitched in time for the little man to wear it to school as a pin for his class’ Earth Day celebration. (I actually stitched two of the three earths included with the pattern, so I could paste them back to back when finishing the ornament.) Unfortunately, he lost it…

Here is Angela M.’s ornament for this month. She says it is from a kit by Vervaco, and she calls it Belgium Holiday. Great job, Angela!

Angela M.'s April ornament

Angela M.’s April ornament

So, how did you do this month? Please fill in the form below (I love comments, too!), and be sure to use the link for your ornament post. The form will be closed to new entries sometime around 10pm Eastern on April 30th. (Or the next morning if I forget!) And please, stop by the blogs of some of the other participants. I’m sure we would all love to have some visitors come to see our ornaments.

Lastly, May’s check in date is the 29th. Don’t let the nice weather lure you outside. Stay in and stitch your ornament of the month!!

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8 Responses to Ornament SAL – April Check In

  1. Wilma says:

    Nice stitching!

  2. Lynn says:

    Such a sweet snowflake! Too bad your son lost his little earth ornament. It’s so cute! Hopefully you can stitch another.
    The nice weather will drag me outside but I’ll be in my gazebo where I spend many hours stitching.

  3. Dani says:

    Lovely job on your ornament!

  4. Your ornament looks great! Next time you may have to staple the pin to your son (his clothing, I mean ;)….

  5. Joanne P says:

    Cute Earth Day ornie, at least now you can stitch the Earth on blue!

    Angela’s is lovely too, the heart shape looks great, very nicely finished.

  6. Giovanna says:

    Very cute ornaments! What a pity about the lost Earth… 🙁

  7. Susan says:

    Both ornaments are beautiful. I barely squeeked in under the wire with mine this month as The Hubs decided that having surgery was a good idea and threw everything into a fits.

  8. SoCal Debbie says:

    Your April ornament looks great, Heather! I like stitching on perforated paper too. Angela’s heart ornament is beautiful.