Adipose Baby

I’ve recently become a fan of Doctor Who. The new series. (The old series scared the heck out of me as a little girl. Maybe I’ll gather up the courage to watch it one day.) So far I’m working through the specials at the end of season 4 and dreading losing the 10th Doctor. (Please tell me I will like the 11th Doctor!) After watching Partners in Crime back at the beginning of Season 4, I knew I needed to make myself an Adipose baby.

Adipose Baby

Adipose Baby

The pattern is available for free on Ravelery. I had to search through notes from projects other people had finished to figure out how to do the hands since the pattern is a bit… um, light on the details. But, I still think he turned out really cute.

Not a Doctor Who fan, but still wondering what an Apidose is? Check out this video, narrated by John Barrowman.

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4 Responses to Adipose Baby

  1. Sara says:

    Adipose tissue is a nice name for body fat!

  2. Erica says:

    Adorable! Now I want one. 🙂

    (and yes, 11 will grow on you. Give him some time. Don’t discount him entirely out the gate. He gets better with age.)

  3. Love it!

    I will tell you that I have *friends* who like the 11th doctor. Maybe if I had taken a pause to mourn the 10th before starting to watch the 11th, I would have liked him. I adore his companions, though.

  4. Anny P says:

    Matt Smith (11th) is lovely, but for the girlies in our house, it’s David Tennant all the way. We’ve even bought tickets to see him act in Richard II in November – and believe me, you don’t go to the theatre to watch Richard II without having a VERY good reason. x