Taking a Rest

I don’t have too much progress to share this week because I’ve been forced to take another break from stitching and knitting. My tennis elbow is acting up again. I think, perhaps, I’d really better go to physiotherapy this time. :/

Before my arm starting complaining again, I did manage to finish up a couple of pairs of socks.

Top-Down Fleegle Heel Socks

Top-Down Fleegle Heel Socks

These is my top-down socks with a modified Fleegle heel. I wrote the pattern, but I didn’t invent the heel. I’m hoping to release the pattern for free once my test knitter finishes with the smaller size and I get the pattern cleaned up a little.

The yarn is Schoeller+Stahl Sockina Cotton, a very nice cotton and acrylic blend, in colourway 002. You’ve got to love those inventive colour names. 😉

Next up is my Pussy Willow Stockings, designed by Cat Bordhi and available in the book  [amazon_link id=”1596683120″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Sock Knitting Master Class[/amazon_link].

Pussy Willow Stockings

Pussy Willow Stockings

The yarn is On Your Toes Bamboo in colourway Cafe Mocha. To be totally honest, I don’t like these socks. The toe, Cat Bordhi’s moccasin toe, fits very strangely. I imagine that if you have pointy toes it would work while, but I have nicely rounded feet, and so I end up with a weird point somewhere around my big toe. I’ve only worn them once, and I imagine I probably never will again. What a shame.

In other sock knitting news, I’ve had to drop out of Sock Madness. My hand was hurting far too much for me to attempt to knit a pair of socks in just a few days. I”m disappointed that I wasn’t able to make it any further in the competition, but I’m also glad that I did make it to round 4. (I’ve also been watching to see how many people on my team have completed the socks so far, and I’m pretty sure I might have even made it to round 5.)

Tomorrow I’ll share some stitching. My hand is doing better, and I’ve been itching to pick up my needle again.

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3 Responses to Taking a Rest

  1. Angela says:

    Physio really helped me with my tennis elbow problem but it took about 10 visits to get it feeling normal. I go for that awful nerve conduction test next month!

    Great socks, do you find stitching easier on your elbow than knitting? I couldn’t do anything except read.

    Take care 🙂

  2. Dani says:

    Get that elbow taken care of! Great sockies!

  3. Giovanna says:

    Gorgeous socks! I hope the elbow gets better soon.