Test Flower

My quest to create my own thread kit for Victoria Sampler’s Where Stitchers Gather has been pretty successful.

Where Stitchers Gather flosses and fibres

Where Stitchers Gather flosses and fibres

I scavenged through the threads I had left over from some other Victoria Sampler designs I have finished, and I was able to get enough (I hope!) black and white Kreinik Mori to stitch the design. (It actually calls for the black and white to be Au ver a Soie, but who really cares?) I also found enough #4 braid in Vatican gold, Flesh NPI, Olive Green lt. Mori, and an entire spool of Soie Perlee. And, I was very pleased to discover that I had some GAST Highland Heather in my stash already. (I bet I just bought it because of the name. lol!)  For the blue-green-grey NPI, I managed to find an odd dye lot NPI that I got as a sample years ago that I think looks fabulous with all the other colours. And, as for the rest, I’ll be using DMC (yay for conversion charts) and a couple of colours of GAST.

I do need to buy a spool of #4 braid in 713 since I don’t have anything that will make a good substitute.

Where Stitchers Gather Fob - WIP

Where Stitchers Gather Fob – WIP

I decided to stitch the smallest component first, to get an idea of how well the colours work together. It isn’t quite done, as I need the pink #4 braid and I also need to pick a different pale pink (I couldn’t find a conversion for that particular silk, so I’m doing it by eye). Overall, though, I’m very pleased! I can’t wait to stitch more.

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2 Responses to Test Flower

  1. Dani says:

    Great job! That takes a lot of time and a good eye to do that! Test flower looks good.

  2. Lynn says:

    You are so fortunate to have found all the necessary floss. This is going to be a gorgeous piece!