I Choose You!

The title of today’s post is actually the North American title of the first every Pokémon episode. And, it seemed apropos for today’s finish:

Pokémon Sampler, designed by FingerPrickings

Pokémon Sampler, designed by FingerPrickings

The Pokémon Sampler! It is done! And, honestly, I do find it kinda cute. And it wasn’t so bad to stitch something in black and shades of grey. It was very undemanding, and maybe even a little fun. And it really is stitched on white fabric. I need to get some better lighting!

So, after this little break, look at what is back at my stitching spot:



I appreciate the encouragement from so many of you. (I love comments!) I’ll share my progress on Mr. Santa in a couple of days, once it actually looks like I’ve done more.

Bloglovin’ and Other Options

It has been about a month since Google Reader rode off into the sunset, and I’m sure most of you have now found other solutions. I decided to go with Feedly, but Bloglovin’ seems to be another popular alternative. Check out my side bar (or below) if you’d like an easy way to follow my blog on Bloglovin’.

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5 Responses to I Choose You!

  1. Linda S. says:

    What a cute finish. I really like it.


  2. Kim McCool says:

    How darling and unusual! Beautiful stitching –

  3. Joanne P says:

    Nice finish. It’s good to have something undemanding between the BAPs!

    I’m on Feedly myself. The missing g in bloglovin peeved me somewhat. Seriously, I was told Feedly is more like the Reader and I like it.

  4. LindaMc says:

    Loving your Santa Stocking and other stitching! The Pokeman finish is cute, but what does one do with it? My DD loves Toronto, has been there on business/pleasure several times, and again for a week with her DH in mid-June.

  5. LindaMc says:

    Hi Heather, thought it was time to revisit your blog. – Well, it’s probably not the urban downtown part of Toronto DD is enamoured with, but she has a good friend with a beautiful “cabin” on one of the nearby lakes. She equally likes Vancouver. We live in Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex with an urban population of over 6 million, so I know exactly what you mean about “BIG” CITIES. Every time I have to drive the 15 miles often bumper to bumper Interstate to Dallas I wish I was almost anywhere else. I was trying to find your previous contributions to your Ornament SAL. I stitch quite a lot at time but almost never “finish” anything. Bad me. 😀