Little Tombstone

It looks like summer is trying to make one more appearance around here. For the past couple of days we’ve been having some of the warmest weather we’ve had since the middle of July. But, you can still feel autumn in the air. The breezes are cool, and the nights are almost cold. So, of course, my thoughts are turning to Halloween stitching.

Tombstone, designed by Mill Hill (WIP)

Tombstone, designed by Mill Hill (WIP)

I’ve been working on Mill Hill’s kit Tombstone. And, like most Mill Hill kits, I love it!! Hopefully it will be done in a couple of days.

And, speaking of ornaments, don’t forget that tomorrow is check-in day for the Ornament SAL. I actually managed to get my ornament finished on time this month, even though I spent most of my time crocheting rather than stitching. I can’t wait to see everyone’s ornaments.

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4 Responses to Little Tombstone

  1. Linda S. says:

    I love your new start.


  2. Zeb A. says:

    Aahh the change of seasons. I find it so funny when I read about the change of seasons in the Northern Hemisphere, cause, when I look out my window, it’s the complete opposite. We’ve had a fairly mild winter here, and are having an early spring. Heck, yesterday felt like summer!

    I love that kit 🙂 I’m doing some fairly large pieces right now, but might break it down to a smaller Halloween ornie or two.

  3. Dani says:

    those Mill Hill kits are quite enjoyable

  4. Joanne P says:

    This is a nice little one, will it have lots of beads?