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Yesterday was the first day of school for the little man. He is in senior kindergarten* this year, and still only half day. But that means I get a glorious 3 hours to myself everyday. So, hopefully within a week or so things will get back to normal around here. I know that I have been awful at keeping up with email, comments, and reading blogs. But, I’ve also had a busy summer with the little man. We went to the Royal Ontario Museum a few times, to Legoland Discovery Centre, family events, shopping, the park, day camp, etc. We played Lego, read books, did projects, learned math, played Minecraft and a hundred other things.

First Day of Senior Kindergarten - September 2013

First Day of Senior Kindergarten – September 2013

The upshot is that I fell behind in all things blog related this summer. I didn’t do as much stitching, knitting or crocheting as I normally do. I also did very little writing. If you follow my Project 36Five blog, you’ll know that about all I accomplished was a thorough decluttering of the house and loosing about 21lbs.

I have some ideas for this blog, Project 36Five, my column in Pagan Pages, and my etsy store that I hope to put into practice over the next couple of months. I appreciate your patience, and I hope you enjoy what is in store.

* In Ontario, children begin school the year they turn four. The first year of school is junior kindergarten, which is followed by senior kindergarten, then grade 1, etc. Some schools have all day kindergarten, some have half day because Ontario is in the middle of transitioning from half day to all day. C’s school begins all day kindergarten next year. To make things more complicated, full-day kindergarten may be discontinued soon due to funding issues and lack of kindergarten-ready classrooms.

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3 Responses to Back We Go

  1. Joanne P says:

    Thank you for explanation, I though he was rather tall for what we think of as Kindergarten and call Playgroup!!
    Here we have Playgroup – 2-3 (from 2-5 half days a week)
    Nursery or Preschool 3-4 (5 half days)
    Reception 4-5 (5 full days but an option to go part time until their 5th Birthday)
    Year 1 is age 5-6 and so on.

    My son is rising 5 so he starts Reception this week. He is special though and is going to a Special School four days a week and a mainstream for one day.

  2. RLJ says:

    You may want to amend your footnote to Ontario, not Canada. At least here in Alberta where my nephew just started Grade One, he only had one year of kindergarten. I’m pretty sure it’s the same in Saskatchewan.

  3. Giovanna says:

    All the best for the new school year!