Christmas Stitching

Did you know that September 16th marks 100 days until Christmas? So, I need to make some decisions. Do I keep working on the stocking in hopes that I will get it done (unlikely), or do I move on to stitching Christmas gifts that I know I will get done?

Mysterious Christmas stitching

Mysterious Christmas stitching

You can see what choice I made. I’ll just be sharing teasers of my Christmas stitching, since people I give gifts to occasionally read my blog.

And, speaking of Christmas, This year I’ll be using ListPlanIt’s 100 Days of Christmas again. It is American-centric (e.g. Thanksgiving is in the wrong month), but it is still full of really useful list, ideas, and tips. I really enjoyed using it last year and I can’t wait to start counting down again this year.


If you’d like to check out an excerpt of the book click here. And if you decide to pick up 100 Days of Christmas, let me know! Maybe we can work through it together. You can buy it from ListPlanIt here.

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