Finished Dragon

I’ve finally finished my Canvaswork Dragon! (Except for some beads for the corners of the corner squares.)

Canvaswork Dragon, designed by Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams

Canvaswork Dragon, designed by Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams

I am very, very pleased with how he turned out, especially since I picked most of the fibres and colours myself. But I’m still not totally sure about the colour inside the wings…

Canvaswork Dragon - eye

Canvaswork Dragon – eye

I used DMC Perle Cotton #3, Flair, Arctic Rays, Watercolours, DMC Satin, Vineyard Classic Silk, and a couple of other fibres. And it was just so fun to play around with fibres that I’ve never used before. (I’m not looking forward to using Flair again, though…)

Canvaswork Dragon - wing and claw

Canvaswork Dragon – wing and claw

Using a bunch of different stitches was fun too. I used Upright Cross in the eyes, Hungarian stitch for the body of the dragon, Florentine in the border, and a bunch of other stitches all over the place. I even picked out stitch that I didn’t think worked. That was a really big step for me, since I really hate taking out any of my work.

I can’t wait to do more canvaswork. 😀

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9 Responses to Finished Dragon

  1. Angie says:

    I love this. It is just adorable. Although the wing color is different, I think it looks fine.

  2. Anny P says:

    Very pretty indeed – I love the colours and the textures from the different stitches are fabulous.

  3. Annie says:

    Gorgeous piece! Needlepoint has really come a long way since the 70’s!

  4. Laura says:

    Your dragon looks great! Congratulations on the finish!

  5. Darlene says:

    Your dragon turned out very nice. Great job! Maybe I should work on mine.

  6. Linda S. says:

    WOW!! Congrats on the gorgeous finish. You did a great job.


  7. gosiazoltek says:

    Bardzo ładny smok! Te ściegi wyglądają na bardzo skomplikowane.

  8. Joanne P says:

    Your dragon is great, I love the texture in this piece. I quite like canvaswork but I can’t seem to get over the hurdle of how much thread it uses compared to cross stitch!! I’m so tight with my thread using every last little inch.

  9. Giovanna says:

    Cute dragon! Well done.