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We are still deep in a very mild autumn, but I’m not trying to kid myself. I know that the cold weather will make an appearance soon. If I’m not wishing for the heat to be on my Thanksgiving (October 14th), I’ll eat my hat! And, of course, cold weather means that I will need more hand-knit socks!

Skip to My Lou, designed by Rea

Skip to My Lou, designed by Rae Jean

The pattern for this pair is called Skip to my Lou, designed by Rae Jean for the Summer 2013 edition of Interweave’s emagazine Sockupied. I used my favourite sock yarn, Crystal Palace’s Panda Cotton, in colourway Baby Blues.

Toe, instep and sole

Toe, instep and sole

I really, really love the texture in these socks. They are very squishy thanks both to the lace rib stitch and to the garter stitch on the heels and toes. I’m just hoping that the wind won’t go whistling though the mesh! Still, they are super cute.

I’ve already cast on my next pair. Surprise! I’m going to try my hand a colourwork again. Hopefully I don’t have as many issues as last time.

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