Stitchers’ Questions – Part Two

Here are some more of those stitchers’ questions that I found over on Bonnie’s blog.

11) Who is your favourite designer?
Teresa Wentzler. But I also love Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams and Passione Ricamo.

12) Least Favourite Designer
Well… let’s just say I don’t like primitive designs or reproduction samplers.

13) Will you/would you support a designer whose personal beliefs offended/angered you?
Hmmm…. there are a couple of designs whose designs I don’t buy because of some of the things they’ve said. But, honestly, I couldn’t care less about a person’s religion, lifestyle, etc. It is only when a person goes out of their way to be offensive that I get riled up.

14) Do you have a lamp especially made for needleworkers/crafters?

15) What brand of stitching lamp do you have/prefer?
I have a Daylight Lamp and I love it. I also have a rechargeable Ott light for taking to classes.

16) What kind of environment best suits you when you are stitching?
I like it to be quite and comfortable when I stitch. My preferred spot is on the sofa, listening to a podcast.

17) Have you stitched any design more than once?
I’ve stitched L&L’s The Wedding Twice, and one of the Mirabila baby designs (maybe the moon one) three times.

The Wedding, Lavender and Lace

The Wedding, Lavender and Lace

18) Favourite design you have stitched and finished?
My favourite is Teresa Wentzler’s The Castle, which hangs in our hall, and Mirabila’s Garden Verses, which hangs beside my writing desk.

The Castle, designed by Teresa Wentzler

The Castle, designed by Teresa Wentzler

Garden Verses, Mirabilia

Garden Verses, designed by Mirabilia


19) Least favourite design you’ve stitched and finished?
A spitfire that I stitched for my jerk of a high-school boyfriend. I got it back and it now hangs in my dad’s bedroom. It really is a great design, but the memories suck.



20) Last, but not least, what’s your longest running WIP?
I think it is Magical Night. It is going on 16 years, I believe.

Magical Night by Teresa Wentzler

Magical Night, designed by Teresa Wentzler

That was fun! I hope that you answer these questions too, if you haven’t already. Be sure to leave a link so I can read your answers.

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2 Responses to Stitchers’ Questions – Part Two

  1. Patterns I’ve done more than once: Breast Cancer Mandala by Ink Circles, Needlecase by Carolyn Mitchell, Godiva Cuff by Lorene Salt, Frogs are Lucky (forget the designer). I’m currently working on the Ink Circles RYO pattern twice, side by side with black and white borders.

    My oldest WIP is Celtic Butterfly by HAED. Second oldest is Earth and Moon.

  2. Joanne P says:

    Great answers! Teresa’s Magical Night was one of the first charts I saw in a Needlework shop that made me realise that not all cross stitch was samplers or teddy bears! We were somewhat restricted in the UK at the time.

    I do love samplers but the cutesy stuff not so much. The Castle was my first big project.