2014 Stitch Alongs

The start of the new year is creeping closer and closer. Expiry dates on milk and eggs are already listing 2014, so you know it isn’t long now! And, with a new year comes a new crop of stitch alongs (SALs). SmallsSAL2014 This year, I will be hosting the 2014 Smalls Stitch Along. You can find all the information here. But, in short, you stitch a small design every month and share it on your blog on the last Wednesday of the month. And, there will be a prize at the end of the year. 😉

tusal I will also be taking part in the TUSAL for the 5th year. This non-stitching SAL was original started by Yoyo of Just Dragon My Needle, and is now hosted by Sharon of It’s Daffycat. She hasn’t posted details on the 2014 version of the TUSAL yet, but I expect she probably will very soon. turtles Next up is the Turtle Trot, hosted by Claudette of BAP Attack. This year we will be choosing 10 works-in-progress (WIPs) to work on throughout the year. We will share our progress on the 10th of every month. I don’t think I’ll have any problems coming up with 10 WIPs… You can find out all the details here.

Stitch from Stash 2014 button

Mel from Epic Stitching has started the Stitch From Stash SAL. This SAL is another one that isn’t about stitching, but rather about cutting back on our stitching related spending. I reached SABLE (stash accumulation beyond life expectancy) about, oh, ten years ago. So, I think I can manage spending less than $25 a month on stash for the year. The rules allow for one month to splurge, which I figure will be my Creativ Festival kits in October. Is it wrong that I desperately want to do a huge online order in the next two weeks?

I think that four SALs is enough for me for one year. But there are lots of other great SALs out there.
WIPocalypse 2014WIPocalypse is run by Melissa of Measi’s Musings. It is very similar to Turtle Trot, but with some monthly themes and prices. I may end up signing up for this one too. 😉 Details are here.

Heather from It’s Geek to Me will be hosting Theme-a-licious again this year. (Whenever I email her I feel like I’m talking me myself. 😉 ) Check out all the detail here. In a nutshell, each month has a theme, and you work on a piece that fits that theme. Post dates are the beginning of the month.

Just Nan SAL 2014Zeb over at Keep Claim and Cross Stitch is hosting a Just Nan SAL. All the details can be found here. This is another one that I’m tempted to do, but I think I only own two Just Nan designs. That isn’t enough to get me through 12 months of stitching. 😉

I’m sure I’ve missed a few SALs. Unfortunately, I fell behind on blog reading through the end of November and beginning of December. So, if you know if any SALs I’ve missed, please let me know. I’ll add them to this post. Be sure to include a URL, please. 😉

Also, let me know which SALs you’ll be taking part it.


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5 Responses to 2014 Stitch Alongs

  1. Kevin says:

    Wow – I really like every one of these SAL prospects for 2014! I DEFINITELY will be joining along with the “Stitch from Stash” SAL. $25 per month to spend on stash sounds exactly like the constraints I need to have forced upon my crazy stash acquisition habits. I also like the (1) Turtle Trot and the (2) Smalls concepts – especially since I found myself this holiday season with NO ornaments stitched to send out as gifts (oops!) and my WIP pile just keeps growing and is looking a lot like the leaning tower of Pisa at the moment. Thanks for all the links and info!! Kevin

  2. I’m joining in your smalls and Zeb’s Just Nan’s…think that will be plenty for a first timer like me. I love smalls and Just Nan so might get all those finished in 2014…then there are those tiny Christmas designs I love…ha ha…
    I am so ready!!

  3. Shelly says:

    I’m doing the Stitch from Stash, Turtle Trot, and TUSAL. None of these require me to have a finish in a month! Woohoo!

  4. Susan says:

    Thanks for the link to the Stitch from Stash SAL – definitely joining that one. Let’s see in addition to that one, I’m in the following SALs: YOTA, Just Nan, WIPocalypse, TUSAL, and Smalls. I also try to participate in IHSWs. Lots of posting this year, but keeps me on track. Looked at the turtle trot, but 10 in my rotation doesn’t give me enough time on each one throughout the year (just don’t have a ton of stitching time) so probably won’t, but love the idea.

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