Christmas Treasures

Sometimes you’ve just got to call something done, even if it isn’t totally done.

Christmas Treasures, designed by Victoria Sampler

Christmas Treasures, designed by Victoria Sampler

I’ve been working on Victoria Sampler’s Christmas Treasures since 2008. But, to be honest, I fell out of love with it pretty quickly. I had purchased the lovely box that was on the cover of the chart, so I felt like I had to finish it. But I didn’t…

Christmas Treasures Santa

Christmas Treasures’ Santa

I dug out the project the other day and took it to a stitching night. There, with the encouragement of some of the ladies present, I decided to finish up a couple of motifs, and then call it done. I’ll be finishing it into a small pillow (eventually), and I’ll be using the lovely box for Jeanette Douglas’ Strawberry Stitches instead.

I think sometimes you need to just call something done and move on, rather than let it hang around in your workbasket (and mind) for years and years.


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4 Responses to Christmas Treasures

  1. Gracie says:

    I know the feeling. I have a project from, well never mind how long and it is almost finished…almost. Your Christmas Treasures looks pretty as is.

  2. Kathy E says:

    I totally agree…if you no longer love it, set it free….my sister and I often trade works in progress. We only see each other twice a year, but often call and talk about our stitching. It is beautiful as is, and will make a beautiful pillow.

  3. Susan says:

    I agree about calling something done. What you have finished will make a really cute pillow.

  4. caitlin says:

    Gorgeous finish