Ice Storm

We’ve had an exciting week around here, Christmas notwithstanding. Around 1:30 am Sunday morning, our power went out thanks to a vicious ice storm. After hearing from Toronto Hydro that power could be out for over 72 hours, we decided to flee to my parents’ home about a 45 minute drive away.

Toronto Ice Storm 2013 (from flickr user Roozbeh Rokni)

Toronto Ice Storm 2013 (from flickr user Roozbeh Rokni)

Thankfully, we were one of the lucky ones. We were back up in about 36 hours, before the things in our freezer had time to melt. Over 300,000 people were without power at one point, and over 40,000 people are still waiting to have their power restored.

Toronto Ice Storm 2013, Forest Hill (from flickr user andreakw)

Toronto Ice Storm 2013, Forest Hill Road (from flickr user andreakw)

Of course, this also meant that I lost essentially two days to prepare for Christmas. But, at least I was able to have Christmas in my own (warm) home, thanks to the hard work of Toronto Hydro linemen and linemen who came up from the States and across Canada to help out.

Christmas went off without a hitch. (Although, the toilets didn’t get scrubbed and the floor didn’t manage to get washed before our guests arrived. I figured cookies and other yummy eaties were more important than pushing around a mop).

Any guesses as to what the little man likes to play with?

Any guesses as to what the little man likes to play with?

Now, we are just crossing our fingers and hoping that we don’t get any more bad weather before the power grid is up and running properly. Thankfully, we are expecting some above freezing weather this weekend, which should help melt some more of the ice.

I sincerely hope your Christmas was less eventful. 😉 And I hope the last week of the year goes smoothly for everyone.


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2 Responses to Ice Storm

  1. gosiazoltek says:

    We have terrible weather. Ireland hit by a terrible hurricane. Luckily for me there was a serious loss. Yours.

  2. Joanne P says:

    Wow, bad storm!

    We got that annual, we already have the minifigure book, the police station and quite alot of the other Lego City stuff! We got Hobbit and LOTR Lego this year as well as the Star Wars Advent Calendar throughout December.