Basset Hound

I’ve been crocheting again! Here is a lovely little basset hound:

Basset Hound, designed by PlanetJune

Basset Hound, designed by PlanetJune

The pattern is from PlanetJune (who else?). And the yarn is Bernat Satin. The picture is terrible. I used some very harsh winter afternoon sun. The colours are actually a lovely chocolate brown, black and white. The colour is really off in the picture. 🙁

Cutie pie!

Cutie pie!

I made him on commission, and he will be on his way to his new home shortly. I think I may need to make another one for myself.


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7 Responses to Basset Hound

  1. Susan says:

    Too cute. The eyes are perfect “hound dog” eyes!

  2. shrila says:

    Cute, love him!

  3. Kim McCool says:

    He is ADORABLE!!!! Well done.

  4. Oh how cute is he??? I showed him to my son (age 13) and he commented on how he wanted one. Soooooo…….I might try my hand at making one for him. We’ll see.

    Thanks for sharing! He’s just adorable!!

  5. Emma says:

    Awww! So cute 😀