Positive Stitching

Who doesn’t need a little bit of positive thinking in their life? I know I do! And, as part of a small group of ladies, I’ll finally be stitching La Pensée Positive from Les Marottes de Nathalie*.

Pensee Postitve Threads

La Pensée Positive

Here are the fibres I’ve pulled to stitch it. I went through my giant mass of unlabelled silk that I have collected via Dinky Dyes Oops Packs and various other places. I did my best to sort of match the DMC numbers provided in the chart, and I went with DMC when I couldn’t find any substitutes I liked. I hope that the end result looks nice.

So, what does it say? Well, it is a quote from Norman Vincent Peale.

Keep your heart from hate,
Your mind from worry.
Live simply,
expect little,
give much.
Scatter sunshine,
forget yourself,
think of others.

I’ll be starting to stitch on February 1st, hopefully. If not, then shortly thereafter. And, I’ve decided to stitch the French version since I am learning (re-learning) French this year. I figure every bit of practice will help. Interested in stitching this design your self? Check out Les Marottes de Mathalie for all the info. She has posted the chart in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

If your French is as bad as mine, that translates to Positive Thinking and The Hobbies of Nathalie.

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