The Year in Scarf Form

Last year I knit myself a very, very long scarf. It isn’t quite Doctor Who long, but it sure is big.

My 2013 Temperature Scarf

My 2013 Temperature Scarf

This is my completed Temperature Scarf. Each colour represents a temperature range, from about -13C to around 29C. (I didn’t take into account wind chill or humidex. The temperature range in that case would have been between -30C and 42C. Crazy!)  It’s final length is around eight feet. I knit it using Bernat Satin, with some Mary Maxim Starlette for the grey ends.

Temperature Scarf - close-up

Temperature Scarf – close-up (from December)

I am super, super proud of myself for keeping up with the project for the whole year. I didn’t even procrastinate in finishing it up, since I did the last couple of rows on the morning of January 1st, 2014. Yay, me!

I don’t have any year-long projects like this planned for this year, except for the SALs I’ve mentioned before. And, speaking of which, I will be announcing the winner of the draw for the Ornament SAL tomorrow evening!

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