Tooth Fairy

Well, I was away for a little longer than I expected. This past Monday, the day after we returned home from our trip, I began a week of jury duty. In my city, we are called up for a week to sit on a selection panel. Our chances of being picked to be on a jury depends on how many trials are happening that week and, of course, how the two attorneys feel about you. I figured I was in for a week of waiting around, reading and knitting. But, by about 11:30 Monday morning I was picked to be on a jury. There went my week, and it isn’t over yet. On Tuesday we will hear closing arguments and be sequestered to make out decision. Hopefully it will only take that day, but who knows.

Anyway, on to other things! The Olympics are on again, so that means it is also time for the Ravellenic Games over on Ravelry. This weekend I’ve been working on a couple of projects, and finished up one.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy Pillow

The pattern is a freebie from Knit Picks: Tooth Fairy Pillow. The yarn is Knit Picks Brava in white. I made a few changes to the pattern, doing the roots like two-at-a-time toe-up socks using Judy’s Magic cast-on, and picking up stitches to knit the pocket.

When I finished it up, I told the little man that he can now start loosing his teeth. 😉

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4 Responses to Tooth Fairy

  1. Kate Lantry says:

    Adorable pillow 🙂

  2. Gracie says:

    What a great tooth fairy pillow.

  3. Kim McCool says:

    Absolutely DARLING!!!

  4. wendy says:

    oh that is so cute! I’ve got a wobbly tooth, wonder if I need one?