Needlework News

I’ve been poking around on the Internet looking for some more interesting needlework-related news to share with you. Here is the best of what I’ve come across lately:

  • Harry Styles knits – To be honest, I am only vaguely aware of One Direction. I get the feeling that they are this generations New Kids on the Block, or something. Apparently the cute one likes to knit. Share that with your favourite tween today to raise your own level of cool.
  • Cross stitch portraits at New York gallery – Nathan Plung suffers from cerebral palsy and cross stitches as a way to express his creativity. His work will be featured at New York’s Agora Gallery in June.
  • Crafty Party! – Etsy is hosting craft parties all over the place. Four will take place here in Toronto on June 6th (they are all sold out), and you can check out the link to see if any are happening near you.
  • But I am listening! – Heather Ordover has looked at research and believes that  “automatic hand movements, like those made by knitters, crocheters, and doodlers, help practitioners stay focused and attentive–and perhaps more importantly, help them remember up to 29% more than non-knitters/crocheters/doodlers.” See? Told you so.
  • 1000 – Sally Crandall of Wilmington, NC has put those automatic hand movements to good use and knit 1000 blankets for a local charity.

Do you have an interesting needlework-related news to share? Leave a comment below!

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1 Responses to Needlework News

  1. Joanne P says:

    Ha, you pretend to not follow pop music but you still know he is the cute one LOL

    I like these little news snippets. I do find if I watch TV while I’m stitching I will remember the programme when I next pick that piece p to work on again.