Flashback – 1998

A few days ago I shared some stitching pictures from back in 1996. Now, I’m sure I did some stitching in 1997 (I was well known for working on little ornament kits during university lectures), but I couldn’t find any pictures. The next year I have any images for is 1998. I’ve pulled out a few of my favourite projects to share.



Back then I was still dating my high school boyfriend (thankfully, not for much longer). I stitched this really great Spitfire design for him. And, since I am petty, I made sure I got it back after we broke up. It now hangs in my dad’s bedroom. 😛 If I remember right, it was the largest design I had actually finished. (I’m pretty sure I was working on several other big designs at the time.) To be honest, I still really like it because it is a really well designed piece.

Heather and Harebell, Textile Heritage Collection, 1998

Heather and Harebell, Textile Heritage Collection, 1998

This is also the first year that I know for sure that I went to the Creativ Festival. Back then it was called the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival, and there were a lot of needlework vendors there. It was during that visit (probably for the fall show) that I purchased the kit for the Heather and Harebell Pouch. While I may share a name with the shrub on this little pouch, the main reason I bought the kit was because I loved the little leaf bead. And, all these years later, this pouch still floats around in one of my dresser drawers. (Okay, to be honest, I may have gone to the Festival and bought the kit in 1997 and not stitched it right away, but I’m pretty sure I did stitch this up quickly.)

Cat Shadow Box, Designs for the Needle, 1998

Cat Shadow Box, Designs for the Needle, 1998

Here’s one last little oddity from back in 1998. This is a kit that I picked up at a small craft shop near my aunt’s house. It was stitched in three pieces, and then assembled by wrapping the finished pieces around cardboard, and then everything is glued (!) into the frame. It is actually a cute technique that I think could be improved upon to produce some really lovely designs.

Do you have any project pictures back in 1998? What do you think you were stitching all those years ago?


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3 Responses to Flashback – 1998

  1. Linda S. says:

    I love seeing your older pieces Heather. They look great. I really like the Cat Shadow Box.


  2. Thoeria says:

    I’m enjoying your walk in the past 🙂 I wasn’t stitching back in ’90s so no pics!

  3. Joanne P says:

    Interesting mixture of subjects there! 1998 was the Year of the Band Sampler for me, I stitched several about that time. In fact, it was my second most productive year until I discovered forums and blogging and saw my stitching go stratospheric!