Flashback 2000

I’ve always taken a long time to finish projects. This Kitty Angel kit from Dimensions was started back when I was in high school, and it wasn’t finished until I was nearly done university. (And it took me years more to sew it into a pillow.) I was very intimidated by the ribbon embroidery, so I put off working on it. Thankfully, it turned out pretty well.

Angel Kitty, designed by Dimensions

Angel Kitty, designed by Dimensions

By 2000 I was finishing off my fourth year of university and beginning my fifth and final year. I had a good friend who had helped me through some tough times, so I stitched up Footprints from Jiffy for him as a thank you. (In retrospect, it could be seen as a bit sacrilegious, but I’m not a practising Christian so it never occurred to me that it might be viewed in that way. Thankfully, he liked it.)

Footprints, designed by Jiffy

Footprints, designed by Jiffy.

Footprints now hangs in our son’s bedroom. 😉

Sweet Dreams, from Just Cross Stitch magazine

Sweet Dreams, from Just Cross Stitch magazine

I stitched this pillow just because it appealed to me. It sat on our bed for years, and to be totally honest, I have no idea where it is now. I always meant to take it apart and sew it up a little better, but I never got around to it. Maybe I should re-stitch it and place it in our new guest room.



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2 Responses to Flashback 2000

  1. Linda S. says:

    Lovely finishes Heather.


  2. Joanne P says:

    “our’s sons’s room” and a winking smiley? I’m guessing that this was a VERY good friend of your’s!

    2000 seems to have been the Year of Everyone Else getting my stitching, I only have one piece for myself, the rest were all gifts. Except for the Barn Owl which was a “never again” commission piece!