Cowl Complication

It is amazing how much of a difference moving just 30 minutes north makes. The morning temperatures are about 2-3°C colder up here than in the city, and it sure makes a difference in the morning. Poor little man hates the cold, so the walk to school at 8am isn’t very pleasant for him.* And, since my in-laws still have all our winter gear, I decided to whip up a quick cowl that matches his fall jacket.

Chunky Cowl for little man

Chunky Cowl for little man

The pattern is Chunky Moebius Cowl from Planet June, and the yarn is Bernat Satin in Teal and Sunset. I’ve used the pattern before and made some good notes. But… I didn’t follow them.

Oh, I did a chain of 42 last time? Ah, 36 looks good. I’ll go with that. Yeah. No. So, the cowl is very difficult to get over the little man’s head. It fits well enough once he struggles into it, but he hates putting it on. Thankfully this week is looking like it will be warm. And hopefully I can get my act together and crochet a larger one before it gets cool again.

The lesson here: if you made good project notes for something that turned out well, follow them the next time.

* It has been chilly in the mornings on a couple of days, but still over 20°C in the afternoon. Later summer/early fall weather is very changeable around here.

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One Response to Cowl Complication

  1. Christie says:

    Love the colours! And the lesson of the project notes. I’m the worst at following my own notes and advice.

    It sounds like you’re settling into your new home and all the changes that go with it. The weather here in my corner of Southern Ontario has been all over the place, too. We’ve resorted to layers as well. But I do love fall. So pretty. 🙂

    Wishing you lovely fall days ahead!