Smalls SAL – October Check-In

The final Wednesday of October has arrived, and that means it is time for the Smalls SAL check-in. Currious about what the Smalls SAL is? Check out all the details here. There is still time to join in, and for every month that you complete a small and leave you link on the check-in post you get an entry into the end of the year draw. What’s the prize? It’s a surprise!

SmallsSAL2014I’ve had a busy month, as evidenced by my lack of posts and, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to completely finish my chosen design. I was doing pretty good at the beginning of the month, before things got hectic, but I didn’t have two colours that I needed and, so, I wasn’t able to finish.

Dragon Rampant, designed by Teresa Wentzler (WIP)

Dragon Rampant, designed by Teresa Wentzler (WIP)

This month’s design is a nearly-finishes Dragon Rampant from Teresa Wentzler. It is available as a freebie on her website. I stitched it as per the design, but left off the side borders. I intend to personalize it for my son’s room when I get the chance and find an alphabet that I like.

So, what did you stitch this month? Please leave a link to your blog post in the form below. And, if you have the time, leave a comment here too and visit a few other participants. We all  love to have visitors!

November Check-in: The penultimate check-in for the 2014 SAL will be on November 26th.

What about 2015? I’m still finalizing plans for the 2015 SAL. I’ve been running a poll for the past several weeks, and the results are pretty clear. However, the poll will remain open until October 31st. If you have voted for your preference yet, please do so. I will announce the results and the plans for 2015 in early November.

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