Creativ Festival – Canvaswork

I’m sorry for yet another short absence. Between working on Christmas gifts and getting over a nasty cold, I didn’t have much to share late week. I’ve been working hard on getting projects done, but I can’t share a lot right now. But, I can share this:

Canvas Trillium, designed by Diane Scott, WIP

Canvas Trillium, designed by Diane Scott, WIP

This is Canvas Trillium, designed by Diane Scott and taught as a class at this fall’s Creativ Festival. It it stitched with Watercolours, DMC, and Kreinik braids and ribbon, and is just beautiful in person. I really love how the stitches catch the light to give the petals their dimension and texture.

Canvas Trillium close-up

Canvas Trillium close-up

Unfortunately, I ran out of the Kreinik ribbon for the background stitches (meant to bring to mind the dirt that the trillium grows in). I have some on order, but it will be a little while before I get it and can finish this piece.

White Trillium, Photo by and (c)2007 Derek Ramsey, obtained from Wikimedia Commons

White Trillium, Photo by and (c)2007 Derek Ramsey, obtained from Wikimedia Commons

Just a little bit about the trillium: The white trillium is the official flower of Ontario, the Canadian province where I live. Many, many government agencies use trillium in their name, which can be a bit confusing. 😉  The trillium grows throughout North America and Asia, and is most often found in woods and forests. It is commonly believe here that it is illegal to pick a trillium because it is our provincial flower, but in actuality it is only illegal to pick them in provincial and federal parks or to pick a very rare species of trillium, not the white trillium.

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11 Responses to Creativ Festival – Canvaswork

  1. Dima says:

    Very beautiful! Now I wish I had taken the class.

  2. Darlene says:

    Your piece is coming along really good. I haven’t done a lot of work on mine since class so guess time to work on it again. I ordered the ribbon figuring I would probably run out of it as well.

  3. Kim McCool says:

    Wow – so pretty! YIKES! It’s almost time for the SMALLs Check In. I’d better get a move on.

  4. Nathaly says:

    Its so beatiful!! you have talent … kisses from Peru .. 🙂

  5. Kate says:

    That is gorgeous! I hope you’re feeling better.

  6. Suz says:

    I love that trillian! It’s absolutely beautiful.

    Some day I hope to make it to Creativ, now that I’m in a better location to travel to one of them.

  7. Marcy says:

    Lovely stitching. One of my favorite wildflowers

  8. Blu says:

    It’s so pretty!

  9. wendy says:

    It’s looking beautiful! I love canvas work, it such a varied technique

  10. Susan says:

    Beautiful. I have a couple of canvas work pieces in my stash and really should pull them out.

  11. Dena Lenham says:

    So pretty! Can’t wait to see it finished.