Searching for Santa

We  are having a bit of a warm-up here today, which is a nice change from the unrelenting cold of the past couple of weeks. But, that means lots of slush, and another excuse to stay inside. 😉 Actually, I’ve spent a lot of time inside this winter working on various projects. Okay, I’ve spent a lot of time surfing the Internet and wasting time, but I have made some time for stitching. My main focus right now is Santa’s Journey Stocking from Dimensions.

Santa's Journey Stocking (WIP)

Santa’s Journey Stocking (WIP)

I was pretty disappointed with myself when I hung up my son’s Christmas stocking this year (Dimension’s Naughty or Nice), but still didn’t have stitched stockings for anyone else. The store-bought ones we have are nice, but I really want to finish stitching stockings for all of us. So, feeling guilty, I dug out my mom’s stocking from the bottom of my work basket and I’ve been diligently working on it.

Truthfully, I’m not sure this will become my mom’s stocking. I really want to stitch Windswept Santa Stocking for her, but I can’t find one for a reasonable price. They show up once in a while on eBay, but they are either $$$ or won’t ship up here to the Great White North. 🙁 If you happen to have this kit and are willing to part with it for a reasonable price, please let me know.

Windswept Santa Stocking kit

Windswept Santa Stocking kit

Also, if you are interesting in signing up for the creative class I mentioned the other day, be sure you do so before the 20th! Seriously, don’t miss out. I’ve really enjoyed working through the worksheets and I think I’ve got a whole lot out of it. Click here to sign up or check out my post here.

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2 Responses to Searching for Santa

  1. Christine says:

    I have a couple of friends who might be willing to assist with the shipping to Canada issue. If you find one on eBay that isn’t too expensive but has that restriction, let me know.

  2. Joanne P says:

    Santa is looking good. My boys have stitched stocking but they are shop bought! A little company in England who makes them and then embroiders the name on. We had to get special permission for the small boy because his name was one letter too long!