Searching for Santa

We  are having a bit of a warm-up here today, which is a nice change from the unrelenting cold of the past couple of weeks. But, that means lots of slush, and another excuse to stay inside. 😉 Actually, I’ve spent a lot of time inside this winter working on various projects. Okay, I’ve spent a lot of time surfing the Internet and wasting time, but I have made some time for stitching. My main focus right now is Santa’s Journey Stocking from Dimensions.

Santa's Journey Stocking (WIP)

Santa’s Journey Stocking (WIP)

I was pretty disappointed with myself when I hung up my son’s Christmas stocking this year (Dimension’s Naughty or Nice), but still didn’t have stitched stockings for anyone else. The store-bought ones we have are nice, but I really want to finish stitching stockings for all of us. So, feeling guilty, I dug out my mom’s stocking from the bottom of my work basket and I’ve been diligently working on it.

Truthfully, I’m not sure this will become my mom’s stocking. I really want to stitch Windswept Santa Stocking for her, but I can’t find one for a reasonable price. They show up once in a while on eBay, but they are either $$$ or won’t ship up here to the Great White North. 🙁 If you happen to have this kit and are willing to part with it for a reasonable price, please let me know.

Windswept Santa Stocking kit

Windswept Santa Stocking kit

Also, if you are interesting in signing up for the creative class I mentioned the other day, be sure you do so before the 20th! Seriously, don’t miss out. I’ve really enjoyed working through the worksheets and I think I’ve got a whole lot out of it. Click here to sign up or check out my post here.

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