Happy Hedgehog

The happy little hedgehog I was working on is all done. Isn’t amazing how much difference backstitching makes?

Happy Hedgehog

Happy Hedgehog

It amazes me every time! (Simple minds, right?) The design is the cover kit from issue 225 of World of Cross Stitching magazine. He was fun to stitch up, and looks super cute in his little card home.

And speaking of small designs, don’t forget that the next Smalls SAL check-in day is April 29th. I hope your small stitching is going well.

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8 Responses to Happy Hedgehog

  1. Christine says:

    Can I please borrow that pattern? I’ve been trying to find a copy of the magazine, but no luck. My M-I-L loves hedgehogs. Thanks!

  2. Kate says:

    Congrats on the adorable finish, Heather 🙂 Yes, backstitching makes such a difference; that’s why I still do it although it’s my least favorite thing to do. I’m madly trying to finish my small on time!

  3. Annette - California Stitcher says:

    Such a darling sweet design. love Annette

  4. Brigitte says:

    What an adorable finis this is.

  5. Joanne P says:

    Cute hedgehog! Margaret Sherry really does do these very well, love his little facial expression.

  6. wendy says:

    Oh he is really cute! I think it’s a Margaret Sherry design? I’m actually ready for the Smalls SAL for the first time this year!

  7. cj says:

    Lovely hedgehog and socks. I am working on my smalls.