Stitch From Stash – July 2015 Check-In

I may have totally blown my craft budget out of the water this year with the purchase of an embroidery machine, but I’m still trying to stay on track with my cross stitch-related spending. That means, I’m joining in for the next round of Stitch from Stash.

Stitch from Stash 2015 BThere is nothing like starting off right:

Month: July 2015
Spent: $24.95
Earned: $0 (not tracking)

Yep, I totally blew my budget this month. Why? Well, to make a long story (and a long search) short, I finally bought a Christmas stocking kit for myself. There as a sale at Mary Maxim and I decided to take advantage of it.

Candy Cane Stocking kit, designed by Dimensions

Candy Cane Stocking kit, designed by Dimensions

It is Candy Cane Stocking, a kit from Dimensions. (Don’t worry! I haven’t finished it yet. That’s just a catalogue picture. I suppose that’s obvious since my name isn’t Alexander…) I figure it will be, oh, maybe 5 or 6 years before I get to it, but I’m happy that I now have a stocking finished, in progress, or waiting to be stitched for everyone.

Smalls SAL – I know I’ve been pretty quiet this summer, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about the Smalls SAL. July’s check in date is coming up soon–this Wednesday! I’ve stitched my small, and I hope you have too!

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7 Responses to Stitch From Stash – July 2015 Check-In

  1. Catherine says:

    I love this kit, I have seen the finished stocking hanging in a craft store and it is stunning, good choice, I look forward to seeing your progress.


  2. Beautiful new stash and good job with just staying in budget
    I own the normal kit from candy cane santa
    Mine is allready a couple of years in my stash pile so need to start it soon 🙂
    You helped me reminding that its so gorgeous
    Have a lovely sunday

  3. Joanne P says:

    You naughty person! I can see why you had to buy it though. Yes, I’ve stitched my small this month so I’m all ready for Wednesday.

  4. Heather says:

    Great choice! I have the full size candy cane Santa which was my first ever finish 🙂

  5. Kim says:

    Beautiful stocking! I’d better get to finishing my Smalls SAL for July!!

  6. Kate says:

    Hey, at least you didn’t go over budget! So I count that as a success. That’s a beautiful kit, Heather. I hope you enjoy working on it one day.

  7. Sheryl says:

    Gorgeous Christmas stocking kit. The colours are bright and fun. Now if I just had ONE grandchild……