Backstitching Santa

Where has the time gone, stitchy friends? The last time I looked it was the end of August with a week of summer vacation still to go. Now we are into the third week of school and fall is only a few days away. The last few weeks have been full of end-of-summer activities, getting used to a new schedule, kids’ birthday parties, and other fun things. But, of course, I’ve found time for some stitching.

Santa's Journey Stocking, designed by Dimensions (WIP)

Santa’s Journey Stocking, designed by Dimensions (WIP)

Look!! Santa’s Journey Stocking is getting very close to being finished. All the stitching is done, and I’ve also completed a large part of the backstitching. I still have a whole bunch of couching to do, some beads to attach, and then a tonne of French knots (actually, I’ll be doing colonial knots). But, I am pretty much on the home stretch now. Yay!

Close-up view of Santa's face

Close-up view of Santa’s face

I’m so confident that I’ve actually got the next stocking out. I thought about starting to sort the colours, but I want to stay focused on Santa’s Journey. The temptation is so strong, though.

Sleigh Ride at Dusk Stocking, designed by Dimensions

Sleigh Ride at Dusk Stocking, designed by Dimensions

Smalls SAL – Guess what! It is almost Smalls SAL check-in time. The last Wednesday of the month is just over a week away. The check-in post will be up on September 30th, and I will also be sending out a reminder email the same day. If you’d like to sign up for the reminder email, just head on over here. I only use that mailing list to send out Smalls SAL reminders, and your email address will be perfectly safe.

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