All My Finishes

It is the penultimate day of the year, and an excellent time to look back on everything that we’ve accomplished. I managed to fulfill my goals of keeping up with the Smalls SAL, finishing my mom’s stocking, and completing a baby sampler for my cousin. Everything after that was pure extra. Including this little biscornu that I finished up a couple of weeks ago:

Lilies Biscornu, designed by Gingerbread Girl

Lilies Biscornu, designed by Gingerbread Girl

It is Lilies Biscornu, which is from a class taught by Kathryn Drummond of Gingerbread Girl Designs at this fall’s Creativ Festival. The technique is called Punto Antico, and it makes use of satin stitches, whipped backstitch, and beads. The finished product is very lovely and romantic feeling.

Overall, I’ve had a pretty good year.

My knitting and sewing didn’t get very much attention this year, though. And, I didn’t share all of my finishes on my blog. My rough estimate is that I finished four pairs of socks, the hermit crab, and a vest for my dad. I sewed a little sewing kit, a big bag for my son’s swimming stuff, two purses for me, and a toy elephant. :/ There was so much else I wanted to do!



I have big plans for next year. (Who doesn’t?) And to start off the year I will be tearing apart my craft room and making a list/taking pictures of projects I want to finish or get started on. My biggest goals, though, are to keep up with the Smalls SAL and to finish my dad’s Christmas stocking.


Speaking of the Smalls SAL, you can post you December 2015 finish right here. And, if you’d like to learn about the 2016 edition, you can do so right here.

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9 Responses to All My Finishes

  1. Meari says:

    The biscornu is lovely.

  2. Jo ButterZ says:

    Love the slide show.
    I hope to be more successful in joining in during 2016. Could you add the list of projects to the 2016 SAL page. Thanks

  3. Jo ButterZ says:

    Or do we just work on any project we want. You don’t nominate a theme….

  4. Justine says:

    What a fantastic creative year you’ve had! Your biscornu is so pretty and a great way to finish 2015.
    I’ve just signed up for Smalls SAL 2016 for the first time and hope it will help me achieve at least 12 finishes next year.
    Happy 2016!

  5. Susan says:

    You had a really good year stitching – beautiful projects and I love the slide show. The hermit crab is too cute!!

  6. Joanne P says:

    You have done amazingly well on the Smalls this year, it’s great to see them all like that.
    I like your ornies with the tassels the most.
    Looking forward to 2016 now.

  7. That biscornu is just lovely, beautiful stitching.

  8. Brigitte says:

    So great to see all your pieces together here. I love these review posts.

  9. Heather says:

    Congrats heather everything looks great! Happy new year!