O, Christmas Tree

Yesterday afternoon the little man and I put up our Christmas tree. Normally, it isn’t a job I share because I can be very particular about where I want certain ornaments to go. But, I decided to unbend a little this year and allow him to help me out.

Little man very carefully placing ornaments.

Little man very carefully placing ornaments.

(I apologize for the poor picture quality. It was very dull yesterday, and I was using my phone…)

Our Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree may not be Pinterest worthy, but we love it just the same. It is full of meaningful ornaments, some dating back to my own childhood (and earlier!), and some bought or made just this year.


Ornament designed by Julia Lucas (finished in 2011). In the bottom right is a Christmas spider, made by Gracie of Needles, Pins, and Dragonflies.

Before we got started decorating, I laid out all the ornaments on the floor. I was so delighted when the little man said he remembered so many of them and began pointing out his favourites. It is nice to know that things I find special he also finds special too.


Ornaments designed by Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams, and Mill Hill.

Whether you celebrate Christmas (religiously or not), celebrate some other holiday this month, or nothing particular at all, I still wish you a season of peace and happiness, filled with friends and family. This year, perhaps more than some, we could all use some quiet time to reflect on life and peace.

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