O Canada!

Over on Facebook, the XStitch Canada group is hosting a Canada-themed SAL. My first finish of the year, I Love Canada, was stitched as part of that SAL. But, since I finished it so quickly, I thought I should start another piece.

"O" Canada! Sampler, designed by Victoria Sampler (WIP)

“O” Canada! Sampler, designed by Victoria Sampler (WIP)

This is O” Canada! Sampler from Lampost Designs/Victoria Sampler. It was originally released way back in 1992 from Thea Dueck’s first company, but has since been rereleased under the Victoria Sampler label. I have the old chart, though, and it is so strange to go back to stitching from a hand drawn chart!

I was a bit unsure what to do about the 125 in the alphabet section. The chart was designed to honour Canada’s 125th birthday, but that is long past. Then I got to thinking about it–Canada turns 150 in 2017! That’s just next year! So, my plan is to take my time stitching this and rechart the 125 to 150. I can finish it up this time next year and it will be perfect! 😀

If you happen to be thinking of stitching this yourself, the Needle Necessities Overdyed Floss #126 – Mulled Wine has long ago been discontinued. I used ThreadworXs #1038 – Cherry Cola. Thankfully, the 5 yard skein I bought back in 2009 was just enough! (Yes, I’ve been planning on stitching this for a little while…)

The fabric, as always, is a hand-dyed from Enchanting Lair. It is colourway Parchment, and I’m pretty sure it is a 32 count linen. Probably…

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