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How do you handle your chart when you stitch? Do you work off a digital chart on your tablet? Do you work from the original, or do you make a working copy? Do you mark your chart or just keep track of where you are mentally?

How do you mark your charts?

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Generally speaking, I work from the original chart and don’t mark it. When the chart is complicated (or I’m having trouble concentrating), I will occasionally mark the chart with a pencil. I can’t stand the idea of leaving a permanent mark on a chart. Yikes! 😛

When it comes to my knitting patterns, pencil is really hard to follow, and I like to use a highlighter, but I’m worried about marking the wrong instructions and making the wrong size. (It has happened…)

FriXion Highlighter

FriXion Highlighter

This is my new favourite tool. It is a Pilot FriXion Light Erasable Highlighter. It works just like a regular highlighter. (The chart is Dragon Love, a freebie from Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams.)

Highlight your chart just like normal...

Highlight your chart just like normal…

Except you can erase it.

...and erase your mistakes.

…and erase your mistakes.

The end of the highlighter has a little soft plastic nib that works as the eraser. That’s because the secret to these highlighters is that the ink is ‘removed’ by friction. What is actually happening is that the colour disappears when you rub it with the nib. (There is still a clear residue on the paper, but you can’t see it.)

More highlighting, including over pen ink.

More highlighting, including over pen ink.

And you can write over that area again with no problems.

There are also FriXion pens, in a few different sizes and colours. They have quickly become my favourite writing tool, and helped to sooth a few of my perfectionist tendencies. I’ve been using them for around two years now, without any issues developing because of their erase-ablility. (I do, however, use a “regular” pen for writing cheques, filling in important forms, etc.)

So, what do you think? Will FriXion highlights find a place in your workbasket? Do you think they are a useful stitching tool? Or, do you use something even better to mark your charts? Let me know in the comments.

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