Happy 150th, Bucilla!

Did you know that Bucilla is turning 150? (Hey, they’ve been around as long as Canada has been a country! How about that?) I’ve made lots of Bucilla kits over the years, like felt stockings, bookmarks, pictures, and more.

The gallery above contains pictures of just a few of the Bucilla items I’ve made over the years. (I apologize for the potato quality of some of them; some of the pictures are rather old.) And I have lots more Bucilla projects to make! In fact, Bucilla was kind enough to send me two new projects to work on.

Sunny and Butterfly kits from Bucilla

The first is Sunny, a large fully stitched piece featuring a sunflower and bird, and the other is a little kit called Butterfly that includes its own frame. I’m looking forward to working on both of them, and I will be doing a review on them shortly.

I’m also looking forward to trying out some of Bucilla’s newer products, like their String Creations blanks. And I have always, always, wanted to do one of their table cloths. One day! And do you remember the Knit Wit? That was Bucilla too!

Thanks again to Bucilla for all the wonderful projects I’ve stitched over the years, and also for providing me with these two new projects! Happy 150th birthday!






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6 Responses to Happy 150th, Bucilla!

  1. Meari says:

    I’ve done this hummingbird bookmark, and used to have the seaside on in my stash. What program did you use to do the slideshow? Loved seeing all your projects!

  2. That sunflower will keep you busy for a while!

  3. Kerry says:

    Some lovely projects you’ve done over time.

  4. dragonsluver says:

    Enjoy your new projects!

  5. Joanne P says:

    Happy Birthday to Bucilla! You’re clearly a fan.
    I have stitched one of their kits – Max’s Moon

  6. Heather says:

    Happy birthday bucilla!