WIP Wednesday – What Day Is It? Edition

Hello, my lovely stitchy friends! It seems that WIP Wednesday has come and gone yet again without me posting. I had pictures taken and a plan, but I was laid low by a migraine that came out of nowhere. 🙁 The best laid plans, etc. That’s why we shouldn’t procrastinate! If I had posted my pictures right after I had taken them, rather than waiting for later in the day, I could be posting about something else today.

Enchanted Ornaments Stocking, from Dimensions

Now that I’ve finished up O Canada! Sampler, I’ve got more time to dedicate to my Christmas stocking. I’m stitching Enchanted Ornaments from Dimensions for myself. See, I’ve even got my name on it already. Once it is complete, I’ll just have my husband’s left to complete and I can stop feeling weird and guilty for no reason. (Funny how arbitrary goals we set for ourselves can be guilt inducing, eh?)

Hygge Shawl, designed by Kirsten Ballering of Haak Maar Raak

I’ve pretty much stalled on my Hygge Shawl. All the pieces have now been released, but I’m stuck working on the centre panel. I’m not sure why, since I absolutely love it. (I even have a second colourway to work on later thanks to a very generous birthday gift.)

With the warm weather finally here I’m finding it harder on concentrate on my stitching. I want to go for walks, ride my bike, and enjoy the warmth. Before we know it, the cool fall winds will be blowing again. Hopefully, though, I’ll have my Hygge Shawl done by then!

Get out and enjoy the weather!


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5 Responses to WIP Wednesday – What Day Is It? Edition

  1. It’s frustrating, isn’t it, that with all the wonderful light to stitch by, we want to be outside and doing things instead!

  2. Kerry says:

    The shawl is incredible! I seem to be having nowhere fast days a lot lately when it comes to stitching.

  3. Joanne P says:

    I love the ornament in your stocking and the shawl is looking lovely too.

  4. kaisievic says:

    Your Christmas stocking is looking gorgeous and clever idea to put your name on it at the start – that way it definitely is yours and not someone else’s! Your shawl is gorgeous! I love the jewel-like colourway.

  5. Lovely shawl and stocking. They are both coming together beautifully