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I am always so delighted to discover a new online knitting shop, and I’m even more delighted when it actually goes out of its way to make my life easier. is more than an online shop stocked with 100s of different types of yarns and more tools than you’ll ever need, it is also a pattern library, a place to record projects, and a vibrant online community.

Note: This post is sponsored by but all content and opinions are my own. And be sure to keep reading for a discount code. landing page. Look! A sale!, and its sister site, are at heart an extremely well-stocked yarn shop. They carry yarn brands from around the word, ranging from Bernat to Wool and the Gang and just about everything in between. (I even found some of my favourite, now discontinued, sock yarn and you bet I stocked up on it!) LoveKnitting also has a couple of house brands, like Main Street Yarns, which features some of the lovest acyrlic yarn I’ve ever used, and Paint Box Yarns, who’s focus is amazing colours in a range of weights and fibres. I’ve got my hands on a few different brands and I’ll be posting about them in the coming weeks. (Check my Instagram for some sneak peeks!)

So many tools!

LoveKniting also carries HiyaHiya and KnitPro needles, bags, stitch markers, etc. Looking for some Denise interchangable hooks or some Addi Sock Wonder needles? They’ve got ’em.

Some of my collections. I’m just getting started!

The coolest thing about LoveKnitting/LoveCrochet is the profile and collections capability. Sign up for an account and then setup your profile. Now you can save anything you see on the site into a collection. I’m collecting together patterns, tools, and yarns as a way to help me remember what I’d want to make, or just what I love and wish I could make!

You can even follow other LoveKnitting members and designers, so you can keep any eye on their latest collections or projects.

Adding yarn to one of my projects.

Projects, I say? I do! LoveKnitting has a great system for allowing you to enter projects, complete with yarns, patterns, tools used, notes, etc. The system is very robust and connects with LoveKnitting’s huge database of yarns and patterns.

Patterns for days!

Speaking of patterns, LoveKnitting/LoveCrochet has a huge database of patterns, both paid and free. You can use filters to look for exactly what you want to make next, then click through and buy the yarn, needles, and other tools all on one site. Super convenient!

If you’d like to give LoveKnitting a try (and I hope you do), they are offering my readers a discount code. Just enter WELCOME15 to get 15% off your first order on all regular priced yarn. (And be sure to let me know what you order!)

Also, be sure to look for me and give my profile a follow. I’ll follow back. 😉

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6 Responses to Review –

  1. xinef82 says:

    Not a knitter or crocheter, but first question that comes to mind with this is whether this site is Canadian or US? With exchange and shipping costs from the US, that is an important criteria when deciding to buy from a given site.

  2. Yes, I’ve come across them before, although so far I am remaining faithful to my (relatively new and needing encouragement!) bricks and mortar shop!

  3. Heather says:

    I wish I had a LYS nearby. When I started knitting, there was one just down the street from me that I went to _all the time_! I loved it, and then did their best to help me out with non-wooly yarn. They closed years ago and I moved to the suburbs, so I make do with online shops.

    Definitely cherish your local shops!

  4. Heather says:

    They are located in both the UK and US. The prices as in US dollars. From what I can tell, Canadian and US orders ship from their US warehouse most of the time, unless it is something unusual.

  5. dragonsluver says:

    Thanks for sharing your review.

  6. Terri Patterson says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m not a knitter, but I do crochet and I have been checking out Great site! Thanks again!