I love to do needlework by hand. It is one of my favourite ways to pass the time. But, I also really enjoy using my embroidery machine. It can create effects that I don’t have the skill to do by hand.

I stitched out these two tea towels as a gift for my dad for Father’s Day. The designs are Hen Sketch Wreath and Rooster Sketch Wreath from Embroidery Library. They are stitched on some Aunt Martha’s flour sack towels using a very cheap spool of thread from SuperB.

Sketch Chickens tea towels from Embroidery Library

Check out a close-up of the hen towel. I love the sketch style.

Sketch Chickens tea towels – closeup

Because these designs are very light, and because these are towels that will (hopefully) be used, I used some lightweight tear-away stabilizer (from SuperPunch). There wasn’t any need for lots of stabilization or for a covering since these towels are nice and smooth.

Like every other Embroidery Library design I’ve made, these stitched out just lovely. I’m really looking forward to making a few towels for my own kitchen.

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1 Responses to Chickens!

  1. Beautiful towels Heather.