Yarn Review: Lion Brand Go For Faux

As some of you know, I am a non-wooly knitter–I am very allergic to all kinds of animal fibres. I’m always on the lookout for cool new non-wooly yarns. So, when Yarn Canada reached out to me and asked if I wanted to review Lion Brand’s new Go For Faux yarn I jumped at the chance. A fur-like yarn that is completely animal free? Yes, please!

Go For Faux is Weight 6 (Super Bulky) faux fur yarn from Lion Brand. It comes in array of animal-like colours and pastels, and it knits and crochets beautiful. Both projects I made turned out super squishy. I almost can’t wait for the cold winter weather so I can wear them and be toasty warm. (Today is the hottest day of the year so far, so some winter weather would be super nice right now.)

Cheltenham Hat and Luxe and Lush Cowl

The yarn is 100% polyester, and it feels like the softest baby kitten belly fur that you’ve ever had the pleasure to rub. No, I’m totally serious. It is so soft.

Close-up of the underside of Go For Faux yarn

Go For Faux is a tape yarn with furry stands along one side of the tape. This construction (as opposed to being furry all the way around) makes it so much easier to knit and crochet with. (And, yep, your project will be furry on both sides! Don’t worry!) The yarn lies neatly on knitting needles, and it is easy to feel (yes, feel, not see) the stitches when crocheting. The finished product for both methods looks very similar, as you can see from the pictures below. I didn’t experience any shedding when either knitting or crocheting, although I understand some people say it has shed for them.

Close-up of crocheted Go For Faux yarn

The hat was knit using the Cheltenham Hat pattern from Lion Brand, and the cowl was crocheted using the Luxe and Lush Cowl pattern from Lion Brand. Both are in the colourway Grey Wolf.

Close-up of knit Go For Faux yarn

Go For Faux comes in eight different colours in 100g balls with 60m of yarn per ball. One ball is enough for a short cowl or a hat. The yarn is machine washable, so perfect for winter accessories.

I’ve still got one ball left to work with. I’m thinking of making some mittens with fabulous fur cuffs. What do you think? Does that sound like a good idea?

You can buy Go For Faux from Yarn Canada or your favourite yarn outlet.

Thanks again to Yarn Canada for sponsoring this post and providing me with the yarn.

Disclaimer: Yarn Canada provided me with the yarn for this review. All of the opinions in this review are completely my own.


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2 Responses to Yarn Review: Lion Brand Go For Faux

  1. That’s a very thorough review. Well done!

  2. It does look so soft and squishy! Great review. I think faux fur cuffs would look amazing on mittens ?