Happy Thanksgiving (and a bit of Halloween, too)

Happy Thanksgiving, Stitchy Friends!This year I am extra thankful. I’m thankful that I could see my family in person thanks to the vaccine. I’m thankful that nearly everyone I know is alive and well (and vaccinated). I’m thankful that we might finally be turning the corner on this pandemic and that we will all be able to reunite with those we love soon. And I’m thankful for all of you who returned after my log absence. I’m still not totally in the swing of things, but I’m getting there! Thank you.

Now, onto the projects!

Layered Autumn Sign, designed by Craft with Sarah

Layered Autumn Sign, designed by Craft with Sarah

First up is a layered autumn sign, designed by Sarah Edwards of Craft with Sarah. She created an awesome design that is larger than a standard Cricut mat, and her wonderful instructions make it super easy to put together. I did a little bit of welding of things in Design Space since I had some larger paper, so it was even easier for me to assemble. It is all cut from paper, with glue and foam tape holding it all together. Would you believe, though, that I forgot to put it out for our Thanksgiving dinner!

My second project for today is this super cute and spooky cat and dog skeleton HTV design, also from Craft with Sarah. The bones and hearts are glow-in-the-dark vinyl! How cute is that? I don’t think we will be out trick-or-treating this year (if you can believe it, my little man is just too old now!), but I still wanted to make it because it is super cute and it makes a nice (year-round?) shopping tote.

Both of these projects were part of Craft with Sarah’s Halloween Craft Countdown. If you are interested, you can find them all here (for free!!). Sarah is also hosting a Christmas Craft Countdown, from November 20 – December 9th, and you can find all the details here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating this weekend, and a happy Monday to everyone else!

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3 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving (and a bit of Halloween, too)

  1. Meari says:

    Both your projects are adorable!

  2. After putting all that effort into the panel, it must have been infuriating to have forgotten it – and it’s so striking, too!

  3. Joanne P says:

    I love the spooky bag and would definitely use it all year around!
    The sign is lovely too, it will be fresh for next year now.